Geocache Niagara’s Adventure Lab

Niagara’s Underground Railroad

"Niagara's Underground Railroad" Adventure Lab

We were awarded an Adventure Lab from HQ in early June and excitedly got to work on a theme. If you are unfamiliar with Adventure Labs you can learn about what they are are how to play alone here. Ideas were flowing but in light of recent headlines in the world at the time, we felt that Niagara’s Underground Railroad was a story that could never be told enough. Our Lab was designed to take you the route that many Black slaves had taken, on night to get to freedom. Expect it to take some time as we take you to five locations of the Niagara Freedom Trail in the cities of Fort Erie to begin with 2 locations, then to Niagara-on-the-Lake for another 2 locations and then to St. Catharines for the last location. Each location has hints to a Bonus Cache, GC8VATN B.M.E. Church in Niagara Falls. Bring the kids, there is some fun put into the Lab for them too, but they will have to work for it!

If you would like to check out “Niagara’s Underground Railroad” Adventure Lab click the link below or scan the QR code. We hope you enjoy the tour.