Recognize those who make the game of geocaching interesting with the Geo-Achievement® Hide Awards.

These awards are great for those who not only place geocaches for the rest of us to find, but place the ones that make this game so special. These are for the quality hides that keep us looking for more.

The coin is plated in polished black nickel representing the stealth of the hides. The coin comes with a unique tracking code trackable at, an icon specific to this coin for your profile, as well as an engraving area on the back that can fit up to 2 lines of etching for those who wish to customize.

In addition, the coin comes with a coin stand to put it on display, as well as a matching pin to wear out caching or at events. Award those who make this game better, or get one for you for all of your own hard work!

  • Each set includes the Geocoin, Pin, and Coin Stand
  • Coin measures 1.75 inches in diameter
  • Pin measures 1 inch in diameter
  • Trackable at
  • A coin specific icon will show in your profile when this coin is tracked