Official Geocache Maintenance Kit- Tan


Maintenance Kit Tan

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Are you the type of geocacher who instead of saying “someone should do something about this” tends to step and say “I’m going to do something about this”? If you are, then you probably do cache maintenance out on the geocaching trail. If you do, we have put together a group of some commonly needed supplies at a very special price just for you!

This official kit comes with all the items you need, plus a handy Condor Pocket Pouch! The items include:

  • Condor Pocket Pouch- Tan
  • 10 – Micro Log Strips
  • 10 – Nano Log Strips
  • 4   – Small Geocaching Pencils
  • 2 –  Official Small RITR All Weather Logbooks
  • 1 –  Geocaching Pencil Sharpener
  • 5 –  Small Sealable Bags
  • 5 –  Medium Sealable Bags
  • Geocaching Logo Velcro Patch

Get your Cache Maintainance Kit today, and start leaving your favorite geocaches even better than you found them!