Get out and #stachecache with the Take A Stachie Tags!

If you have always dreamed of having a mustache that some may call “The Natural” then you will want to stachecahe with this tag. It is the go to trackable for those that have a walking stick with a lightning bolt. Pick me out a winner Bobby…

Put a little more fun in geocaches with these tags. Make sure to add to your mission to have any finders “Take a Stachie” and post the photos using the hashtag #stachecache. That way you can see your tag move on and see it in action each step of the way!

These extra large travel tags are trackable at with a unique icon.

They feature rounded edges for comfortable stache selfies, and a chain is included for hitchhiking.

Dimensions: Approximately 4 inches x 1.75 inches to the widest points.