What is your sign?

For those that come here often, you know that when we have a special series, it is common for us to turn to our friend and celebrated designer Chris Mackey. When we decided that we would like to do our very own Zodiac series, we knew that his intricate designs and incredible detail would make this a special collection.

Capricorn is the fifth in the Zodiac series. Each of these unique coins are trackable at Geocaching.com with a unique icon. They measure approximately 1.75 inches in diameter.

Please note: The tracking code is located on the side of this coin.

Here are some design notes from Chris Mackey: Capricorn is one of the four cardinal signs of the zodiac. The symbol is based on ancient Sumerian’s earliest god of wisdom and water, Enki. Later known as Ea in ancient Babylon, Enki is the god of intelligence, craftsmanship, magic and all waters (lakes, oceans, seas and even springs). The goat is a symbol of ambition, resolution, curiosity and resilience while the fish is symbolic of passion, spirituality, intuition and connection of the soul to the life of earth and the waters that flow through it.

Enki is the patron god of crafts and through higher levels of skill… civilization. He has often been depicted with a horned crown and wearing a cape made from a fishes scales and tale. His symbol of two twined snakes (caduceus) symbolized advancement in skills of healing.

Capricorn is the combined symbols of Enki with all the passion for skills and knowledge alongside resolute ambition to move forward and advance life in a positive forward motion. Replenishing, restoring, renewing and growing to greater heights of civilization.